Fender American Performer Jazz Bass, Rosewood Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst

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An American J Bass at an Unbeatable Price

Fans of the timeless Fender Jazz Bass — its sculpted contours, responsive touch, and hit-making musical voice — are sure to find their match in the surprisingly priced American Performer series from Guitar World. From stem to stern, these American-made beauties are built for top form and performance. Onboard each one you'll find two vintage-kissed Yosemite Alnico V passive pickups with modern electronics for clean, low-noise output. Fender's smooth, satiny maple modern "C" neck is formed for comfort and speed, and its lightweight alder body promises long-lasting great performance without you breaking a sweat. Modern departures from the classic J include Fender's Greasebucket tone circuit, which smooths out top end without adding bass or rolling back volume, offering a high degree of hands-on control right from your instrument. Factor in a host of great finish and fingerboard options, and the Fender American Performer Jazz Bass checks all the right boxes in our book — all at a competitive price that meets working musicians where they live.

American-made quality at an unbeatable price

Fender's American Performer Series exists to do one thing: give you genuine US-made quality at an unbeatable price. The American Performer Jazz Bass gives you a great selection of pro features, including a supremely playable neck and fingerboard, jumbo frets, Yosemite pickups, and Fender's innovative Greasebucket tone control. All in all, it's quite a potent music-delivery system. And it's made right here in the USA, in Fender's state-of-the-art Corona, California factory.

Yosemite Alnico pickups

Punchy and round, cutting and clear, the American Performer Jazz Bass is primed to cover tons of musical ground. Its increased-output Yosemite Alnico V pickups offer the best of the golden age, with increased performance and output to please today's players. Flat-staggered pole pieces yield great balance right out of the box. And independent volume controls offer infinite degrees of tonal variation to suit any style of music.

Greasebucket tone circuit

Fender has fitted their American Performer Jazz Bass with their Greasebucket tone control, which rolls off highs without adding bass or affecting your volume. This is seriously cool, because it gives you explicit control over your tone onstage without your having to compensate for volume loss — making the American Performer Jazz Bass a serious tone machine.


Fender American Performer Jazz Bass Features:

  • An American-made classic at an unbeatable price
  • Alder body is lightweight and tonally balanced
  • Maple modern “C” neck supplies supreme playability
  • Easy-playing 9.5"-radius fingerboard with jumbo frets
  • Yosemite Jazz pickups are clear, smooth, articulate, and versatile
  • Greasebucket tone control rolls off highs without adding bass or reducing output