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Fender Limited Edition Tom Delonge Stratocaster, Rosewood Fingerboard, Black

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Expected release date is 10th Nov 2023

Embrace the Punk Rock Revolution with the Black Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® at Guitar World Australia

Echoing the immortal refrain, "Here's your letter", Guitar World Australia delivers you the Black Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster®, a beacon in the punk rock universe. Crafted from a profound partnership between Blink-182's enigmatic guitarist Tom DeLonge and the renowned guitar brand Fender, this sleek black beauty lands just in time for the celebrated Blink-182 reunion tour and their latest album drop. An iconic Strat® for the ages, this guitar is here to make you feel "So lost and disillusioned."

The Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® isn't just another star in the Fender constellation. It harbors a formidable Seymour Duncan® Invader™ humbucker, launching a sonic invasion that charges your power chords and crunchy riffs with an electrifying tone. Like a true punk rock anthem, this guitar's range explores everything from weighty, resonant lows to incandescent highs, refusing to be boxed into a genre.

Designed with an efficient control setup featuring a lone master volume with a treble bleed circuit, this guitar allows you to navigate the sonic universe with ease. Even at low volumes, the guitar's celestial high-end retains its sparkle, delivering crystal clear or slightly distorted tones that capture the essence of Blink-182's dynamic sound palette.

Underneath your fingers, the guitar's modern "C" neck, embedded with medium jumbo frets on a 9.5" radius rosewood fingerboard, feels like coming home from a "Long and Winding Road." Its comfortable and contemporary design enhances playability and provides a smooth runway for swift, seamless note transitions.

Staying true to the timeless Strat® aesthetic, the guitar comes fitted with vintage-style tuners and a hardtail Stratocaster bridge with block saddles. These aren't just visually appealing, they contribute to the guitar's superior intonation and remarkable tuning stability. Adding a personal touch that would make any fan's heart skip a beat is the custom-crafted Tom Delonge neck plate, featuring original artwork from the man who believes "Aliens Exist".

So, are you a die-hard Blink-182 fan eager to hit those signature riffs, a seasoned guitarist on a quest for unique tones, or a novice yearning for a quality guitar that packs a punch? With the Black Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® in your hands, every strum will echo the beat of your "Anthem Part Two".

Noteworthy Features to Fuel Your Music Journey

Picking up the Black Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® isn't just about owning a uniquely styled guitar. It's about tapping into a reservoir of exceptional features that could make you feel like you're on the "First Date" with your guitar, every time you play.

  • Seymour Duncan® Invader™ Humbucker: Delivers an immersive and turbo-charged tone, akin to riding the "Roller Coaster" of power chords and crunchy riffs.
  • Master Volume with Treble Bleed Circuit: Preserves the guitar's high-end at lower volumes, letting your music "Stay Together for the Kids" with clean and chime-y tones.
  • Hardtail Stratocaster® Bridge with Block Saddles: Enhances tuning stability and provides excellent intonation, ensuring you're "Always" in tune.
  • Maple Modern “C” Neck: Comfortably fitting in your grip, enhancing playability as you "Go" on your musical journey.
  • 9.5” Radius Slab Rosewood Fingerboard with Medium Jumbo Frets: Invites your fingers to glide smoothly from note to note, making the transition as easy as "All the Small Things".
  • Custom Tom Delonge Neck Plate: Adds a unique, personal touch to the guitar, reminding you that in music and in life, "Every Time I Look for You", originality matters.
  • Included: Deluxe Gig Bag