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Fender Limited Edition Tom Delonge Stratocaster, Rosewood Fingerboard, Daphne Blue DEMO

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Expected release date is 21st Mar 2024

Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster®, Rosewood Fingerboard, Daphne Blue 

Fender, in partnership with the legendary guitarist of Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, presents the awe-inspiring Daphne Blue Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster®. This Strat® is back, illuminating the stage for the much-anticipated reunion tour and new album release of Blink-182.

The Daphne Blue Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® boasts a Seymour Duncan® Invader™ humbucker, providing a rich, turbo-charged tone and immense output that's perfect for power chords and crunch-laden riffs. Its streamlined control setup features a single master volume, paired with a treble bleed circuit. This setup ensures a preservation of the guitar’s natural high-end, delivering sparkly cleans and chime-like edge-of-breakup tones. The comfortable modern "C" neck is adorned with medium jumbo frets on a 9.5" radius rosewood fingerboard, offering a contemporary feel with superior playability.

The guitar’s vintage-style tuners and hardtail Stratocaster bridge with block saddles provide both classic looks and enhanced tuning stability while ensuring superior intonation. A custom crafted Tom DeLonge neck plate is decorated with DeLonge's original artwork, adding a unique touch to this special edition Stratocaster®.

Impressive Features at a Glance

When you choose the Daphne Blue Fender Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster®, you're not just getting a uniquely styled guitar, but also an array of top-notch features designed for the discerning musician:

  • Seymour Duncan® Invader™ Humbucker: Offers an immersive and turbo-charged tone, ideal for power chords and crunchy riffs.
  • Master Volume with Treble Bleed Circuit: Preserves the guitar's high-end at lower volumes, delivering clean and chime-y tones.
  • Hardtail Stratocaster® Bridge with Block Saddles: Enhances tuning stability and provides excellent intonation.
  • Maple Modern “C” Neck: Ensures a comfortable grip and enhances playability.
  • 9.5” Radius Slab Rosewood Fingerboard with Medium Jumbo Frets: Allows easy access to upper frets and smooth transitions between notes.
  • Custom Tom Delonge Neck Plate: Adds a unique, personal touch to the guitar with original artwork from Delonge himself.
  • Included: Deluxe Gig Bag

Whether you're a Blink-182 fan looking to replicate the band's signature sound or a musician seeking a unique instrument that delivers a knockout punch, the Daphne Blue Tom DeLonge Stratocaster® is a must-have addition to any collection.