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Fenech VTH D78 CAMPHOR - Dreadnought LR Baggs Acoustic Electric Guitar

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VTH Series - Camphor: By Fenech Guitars

Embrace the artistry and innovation of Fenech Guitars with their VTH Series - Camphor, a shining example of premium guitar craftsmanship. Using the remarkable Australian-grown Camphor Laurel, Fenech Guitars has created an instrument that stands as a beacon of quality, sustainability, and acoustic excellence. Available through Guitar World Australia, this guitar symbolizes the perfect harmony between traditional craftsmanship and environmental consciousness.

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

  • Superior Tonewood: Hand-selected AA Camphor Laurel for the back, sides, and soundboard, offering a rich, warm, and crisp sound with visually stunning color variations, making each guitar uniquely beautiful.
  • Refined Details: Ebony fingerboard and bridge, custom mahogany inlays, and undercut fret ends are meticulously crafted for enhanced playability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Harmonic Design: A bespoke timber rosette and tortoiseshell pickguard add to the guitar's elegant design, while the one-piece genuine Mahogany neck ensures stability and resonance.
  • Premium Hardware: Equipped with high-quality Gotoh Chrome machine heads for precise tuning and an LR Baggs Element VTC pickup for exceptional amplified sound.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Fenech Guitars, in collaboration with Guitar World Australia, is dedicated to environmental stewardship. By choosing Camphor Laurel, not only does each VTH Series - Camphor guitar offer superior musicality but also contributes to the restoration of Australia's native vegetation.

The Fenech Difference:

Fenech Guitars' dedication to quality and sustainability is evident in every VTH Series - Camphor guitar. This instrument is ideal for musicians who value distinctive tone, visual appeal, and environmental responsibility. Experience the Fenech difference at Guitar World Australia and let your music resonate with purpose.