Fishman Loudbox Performer Acoustic Combo Amp with Tweeter

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An Acoustic Performer's Perfect PA

Fishman's revamped Loudbox Performer acoustic amplifier packs a full 2-channel PA into a portable amp that's designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether you're slinging an acoustic-electric with active onboard electronics, or you prefer a mic in front of a traditional acoustic guitar, the Loudbox Performer's combination mic/instrument-level inputs have you covered. Two channels (complete with Fishman's renowned 3-band EQ and feedback suppression) also means you can hook up a microphone for vocals, and an excellent set of onboard effects lets you fill out your sound beautifully. No gig is too big or small for the Fishman Loudbox Performer.

Fishman Loudbox Performer Acoustic Amplifier at a Glance:

  • A soloist's perfect all-in-one PA for small venues
  • An excellent personal monitor for full-size shows
  • Enrich your sound with excellent onboard effects

A soloist's perfect all-in-one PA for small venues

When you plug into your Fishman Loudbox Performer acoustic amplifier at your next bar or coffee shop gig, you'll be amazed by how much coverage it lends not only to your guitar, but also your voice. Both channels of this 2-channel amp feature XLR combo jacks (including phantom power), accommodating most condenser and dynamic microphones, as well as acoustic-electric guitars. There's even an auxiliary input for your backing tracks! If you sing and play guitar, then the Loudbox Performer amp is all you need.

An excellent personal monitor for full-size shows

When you're onstage with the rest of the band, you couldn't ask for a more versatile monitor than the Fishman Loudbox Performer. First, there's the integrated kickstand that lets you tilt it back to a 50-degree angle so you can hear yourself better, without cranking up the volume. The Loudbox Performer acoustic amp also comes equipped with three separate DI outputs, including one for each channel (pre EQ) and one for the mix. That's the kind of flexibility any sound guy will thank you for.

Enrich your sound with excellent onboard effects

Want to add a little reverb to your voice? How about a bit of delay to add depth to your guitar? No need to cart around extra gadgets, when you're toting a Fishman Loudbox Performer acoustic amp, you've got all of the effects you need right onboard. In all, the Loudbox Performer gives you access to eight high-quality digital effects. Two independent effects channels give you a ton of character to experiment with, allowing you to choose time-based effects, modulation effects, or both for each channel.

Fishman Loudbox Performer Acoustic Amplifier Features:

  • An amazing 3-way acoustic amplifier and 2-channel PA in one
  • Two combo instrument/XLR mic channels provide inputs for your guitar and a vocal microphone
  • Switchable +24V phantom power accommodates most condenser microphones and phantom powered electronics
  • Each channel sports a 3-band EQ and feedback controls for maximum sound quality
  • Additional stereo auxiliary input with level control makes performing along to backing tracks easy
  • Integrated low-profile kickstand provides a 50-degree tilt-back for superior monitoring
  • Dual independent digital effects sections offer reverb (2 types), chorus (2 types), flanger, delay, echo, and slap echo
  • Balanced XLR DI outputs on each channel and main mix allow for integration into full live setups
  • Optional footswitch (sold separately) provides control over Channel Mute or Chorus Mute functions

Get amazing acoustic sound reinforcement from the Fishman Loudbox Performer!