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Furch Acoustic Bass BC61-CM4 w/LR Baggs EAS-VTC

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Bc 61-CM 4
Western Red Cedar / African Mahogany

LR Baggs EAS-VTC - soundhole-mounted pickup system installed

  • Four-string acoustic bass guitar made from solid woods.
  • Carefully select tonewoods.
  • Proprietary design features and production technologies, including proprietary soundboard design and carbon-reinforced neck.
  • Refined natural appearance featuring open-pore finish, artificial tortoise body binding, and side white mother-of-pearl dot position markers.

Furch Bc 61-CM 4 is a solid-wood acoustic-electric bass guitar engineered to deliver a superb sound. The soundboard features a proprietary construction that includes an unconventional soundhole designed to enhance low-end response. The combination of an western red cedar soundboard and African mahogany back and sides produces a perfect tonal balance. The bass comes with a pickup and LR Baggs Element Active System – Volume Tone Control electronics.

Open-Pore Finish
Furch Bc 61-CM 4 bass guitars feature Open-Pore Finish, a special thin finish that promotes the natural sonic qualities of tonewoods and provides an excellent level of surface protection. The finish accentuates low frequencies and produces a natural woody sound.

Stylish binding
The bass guitar owes its stylish appearance to binding made from artificial tortoise.

Excellent machine heads
Furch Bc 61-CM 4 bass guitars have an excellent tuning stability courtesy of Furch Machine Black Chrome machine heads with a highly precise 1:18 gear ratio.

Furch Bc 61-CM 4 bass guitar comes with LR Baggs EAS-VTC pickup, which features an all-discrete preamp fitted inside the guitar and a volume control mounted in the soundhole for easy access. The system faithfully reproduces the instrument’s acoustic voice with an unrivaled dynamic range.