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Ibanez EHB1500CTF Headless 4 String Electric Bass Guitar Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat

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Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless Bass Guitar - Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat

Presenting the Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless Bass Guitar in Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat, a masterpiece of modern bass design, now featured at Guitar World Australia. This 4-string bass sets a new standard in ergonomic comfort and tonal versatility, ideal for bassists who demand innovation and elegance.

The EHB series is renowned for its ergonomic design, and this model is no exception. It features a 9-piece panga panga/walnut neck, reinforced with graphite for unmatched stability. This neck design, combined with a smooth bound panga panga fingerboard, provides the perfect platform for precision playing and effortless grooving. The luminescent side dot inlays are a thoughtful addition, ensuring clear visibility on any stage.

The body of this exquisite bass is crafted from lightweight African mahogany, topped with a stunning poplar burl veneer. This combination not only reduces the instrument's weight but also enhances its tonal warmth and resonance. The Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat finish adds a captivating visual appeal, making this bass a true work of art.

At the heart of its sonic prowess are the Nordstrand Custom Big Split pickups. These pickups deliver a rich, punchy tone reminiscent of both P- and J-style basses. Whether you're laying down a smooth groove or attacking with aggressive riffs, these pickups respond beautifully to your playing style.

The EHB's innovative features don't stop there. The vari-mid 3-band EQ and balancer control give you complete command over your sound, allowing you to shape your tone to perfection. From the studio to the stage, this bass delivers professional-grade sound quality.

The Mono-rail V bridge is a standout feature, ensuring enhanced sustain and efficient energy transfer. Each saddle is isolated, minimizing cross-talk between strings and maximizing clarity and articulation.

This bass is not just an instrument; it's a testament to Ibanez's legacy of innovation. From its early days as Hoshino Gakki to its current status as a leader in guitar and bass manufacturing, Ibanez has always pushed the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. The EHB series is a shining example of this relentless pursuit of excellence.

Embrace the future of bass playing with the Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless Bass Guitar, a beacon of innovation and style. Available exclusively at Guitar World Australia, this bass is set to redefine your musical journey.

  • Model: Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless Bass Guitar
  • Color: Cosmic Blue Starburst Flat
  • Body: Lightweight African Mahogany
  • Top: Poplar Burl
  • Neck: 9-piece Panga Panga/Walnut
  • Fingerboard: Bound Panga Panga
  • Pickups: Nordstrand Custom Big Split
  • Electronics: Vari-mid 3-band EQ and Balancer Control
  • Bridge: Mono-rail V
  • Frets: 24 Medium Stainless Steel
  • Inlays: Luminescent Side Dots
  • Hardware: Custom Ibanez Tuning Machines