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Ibanez EHB1505SDEL Headless 5 String Electric Bass Guitar Dragon Eye Burst Low Gloss

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Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless 5-string Bass Guitar - Dragon Eye Burst Low Gloss

Welcome to the future of bass playing with the Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless 5-string Bass Guitar, now available at Guitar World Australia in a stunning Dragon Eye Burst Low Gloss finish. This instrument is a masterpiece of design, blending lightweight comfort with powerful sonic capabilities.

At the heart of this bass is its lightweight African mahogany body, topped with a visually striking poplar burl. This combination not only provides a warm, full tone but also contributes to the bass's reduced weight, making it a joy to play for extended periods. The Dragon Eye Burst Low Gloss finish adds a layer of sophistication and style, ensuring that this bass stands out both in appearance and performance.

The EHB series is renowned for its 9-piece panga panga/walnut neck, reinforced with graphite for unmatched stability. The neck's ergonomic design, coupled with a smooth, bound panga panga fingerboard, allows for precision playing and uninhibited grooving. Luminescent side dot inlays ensure visibility on dark stages, enhancing the player's confidence and stage presence.

Equipped with Nordstrand Custom Big Split pickups, the EHB series bass delivers a range of sounds from the classic fat, punchy tones of P- and J-style pickups to clear, articulate notes. Coupled with a vari-mid 3-band EQ and balancer control, you have complete command over your sound.

The innovative headless design of the EHB series reduces the weight of the bass and enhances its balance, making it comfortable for both live performances and studio sessions. The ergonomic design takes into account every aspect of the bassist's experience, from the slope of the neck to the selection of tonewoods.

The Mono-rail V bridge enhances sustain and energy transfer, while each saddle's isolated design minimizes sympathetic string vibration, maximizing clarity and articulation.

The Ibanez EHB Ergonomic Headless Bass is more than just an instrument; it's a testament to Ibanez's legacy of innovation and quality. Guitar World Australia is proud to offer this fine addition to any bassist's collection, a bass guitar that sets new standards in design and playability.