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Ibanez SDGB1DMT 5 String Electric Bass Guitar Dark Moss Burst

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Ibanez Steve Di Giorgio SDGB1 Signature 5-string Fretless Bass Guitar - Dark Moss Burst

Embrace the power of metal with the Ibanez Steve Di Giorgio SDGB1 Signature 5-string Fretless Bass Guitar, a standout addition to the Guitar World Australia collection. This bass is a tribute to the legendary Steve Di Giorgio, known for his work with Death, Sadus, and Testament.

The SDGB1 features an innovative 9-piece maple/bubinga/panga panga neck-thru design with graphite reinforcement rods, ensuring extreme stability and sustain. The ash/okoume body, adorned with a stunning flamed maple top, not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to the guitar's bright tonal character.

The fretless ebonol fingerboard provides a glossy, smooth playing surface, perfect for the expressive nuances unique to fretless basses. Luminescent side dot inlays ensure visibility on any stage. This guitar's 400mm radius fingerboard is designed for fast, fluid playing, accommodating Steve’s rapid-fire fingerstyle technique with ease.

Equipped with dual Nordstrand Big Single pickups, the SDGB1 offers a clear, articulate growl, ideal for cutting through heavy metal arrangements. The onboard 3-band EQ, mid-frequency control, and EQ bypass switch allow for an expansive range of sound-shaping possibilities.

The MR5 Mono-rail bridge on this guitar enhances string definition and sustain. Each saddle is isolated, minimizing sympathetic string vibration and maximizing energy transfer from the strings to the body. This results in unparalleled clarity and sustain.

With Gotoh machine heads ensuring tuning stability, the Ibanez Steve Di Giorgio SDGB1 is a robust, high-performance instrument, perfect for metal bassists or anyone seeking a top-tier fretless experience. Available now at Guitar World Australia, this bass guitar sets a new standard in the BTB series and the world of fretless bass guitars.