Line 6 PowerCab 112 Active Guitar Speaker

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Designed Especially for Guitar Amp Modelers

Do you use amp modeling? If so, the Line 6 PowerCab 112 was tailor-made for you. Experience every detail of your amplifier simulations, thanks to this active guitar speaker's flat frequency response and generous headroom. Or enjoy that familiar "amp-in-a-room" vibe with six different built-in speaker emulations. An integrated 250-watt power amp delivers enough volume for most live situations, and a microphone-emulated output makes running straight into the PA a breeze. Beyond that, the lightweight PowerCab 112 is easy to transport, and its foldout kickstands allow for angled backline placement or angled floor-monitor usage. Line 6 knows a thing or two about amp modeling, and it shows with the PowerCab 112.

A great match for any amp modeler

The PowerCab 112 was built with amp modelers in mind. It can supply both a traditional guitar cabinet tone or a flat response. In Flat mode, the PowerCab 112 delivers a full-range frequency response from 70Hz to 20kHz with a healthy amount of headroom. With this setting, there are no surprises — what goes in is what comes out. Your presets will sound exactly like they're supposed to. Beyond that, you also get six realistic guitar speaker models. These simulations not only produce the sound of a traditional guitar cab, but also the feel. No matter what you're playing — rock, country, blues, jazz, metal — the PowerCab 112 is a great match for any amp modeler.

While the PowerCab 112 Plus includes plenty of top-shelf speaker models, there are a lot of great-sounding third-party options out there. Don't sweat it — with 128 user-loadable slots for impulse response processing, the PowerCab 112 gives you all the flexibility you'll need to achieve the sound you're aiming for. All presets are recallable, MIDI- and L6 LINK-controllable, and can be configured as any mode (Flat, Speaker Modeling, or IR). A backlit LCD display and illuminated knob make for easy editing, and there's a built-in USB jack if you need to dig deeper with your Mac or PC.

A worthy stage companion

Even though the Line 6 PowerCab 112 Plus weighs a mere 36 pounds, it still makes a worthy stage companion. It's loaded with a custom coaxial 12" guitar speaker and a 1" compression driver, and its 250-watt amplifier delivers an impressive 125dB peak SPL. And for even more flexibility, its microphone-emulated XLR output allows for direct connection to a PA system. On top of that, foldout kickstands allow you to use the PowerCab 112 Plus for angled backline placement or as an angled floor monitor.


Line 6 — from POD to Helix

From the launch of their original POD to the company's industry-changing line of Spider amplifiers, not to mention their flagship Helix processors, Line 6 has been putting great guitar tone at guitarists' fingers for decades. The guitarists at Guitar World have been Line 6 fans since their kidney-bean-shaped POD days, and we're still quick to recommend their products to our customers. When it comes to innovative guitar technology, few brands can match Line 6. With great products like the PowerCab 112 Plus, it's easy to see why!

Line 6 PowerCab 112 Features:

  • Custom coaxial 12" guitar speaker and 1" HF compression driver
  • Integrated 250-watt power amplifier with 125dB peak SPL
  • 70Hz-20kHz frequency response and generous headroom supply accurate reproduction of your amp simulations
  • 6 realistic guitar speaker models produce the sound and feel of a traditional guitar cab
  • Microphone-emulated XLR output allows for direct connection to a PA system
  • Foldout kickstands allow for angled backline placement or angled floor monitor usage
  • Lightweight design is easy to transport

Tech Specs

  • Configuration:1 x 12"
  • Powered:Yes
  • Speakers:12" Custom-designed Coaxial Speaker, 1" HF Compression Driver
  • Total Power:250W
  • Cabinet Type:Slant, Tilt back
  • Open/Closed Back:Closed
  • Inputs:1 x XLR-1/4" combo (line in)
  • Outputs:1 x XLR (emulated direct out)
  • Maximum Peak SPL:125 dB SPL
  • Frequency Range:70Hz-20kHz
  • Height:17.1"
  • Width:22.4"
  • Depth:12"
  • Weight:33 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:99-010-7005