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MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick 5-output Mini Isolated Pedal Power Supply


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A Small but Mighty Pedalboard Power Supply

Need a power supply for your pedalboard? Running short on space? MXR has a solution for you. The Mini Iso-Brick delivers quiet, noise-free power to your stompboxes without eating up a ton of pedalboard real estate. Five fully isolated outputs, including a 9/18-volt switchable output, accommodate a wide range of pedals while eliminating annoying ground loop noise. Expansion is as easy as inserting a splitter cable. Troubleshooting is also a breeze, thanks to super-bright LED status indicators. Beyond that, this road-ready power supply is built like a tank. Whether you need a space-saving solution for your travel board or just have a small collection of tried-and-true pedals, the Mini Iso-Brick is a reliable, feature-packed pedalboard power supply.

Handles a wide range of pedals

The Mini Iso-Brick is loaded with five fully isolated outputs — no ground loop noise here. Four of the outputs provide 9-volt power at 300mA, which should satisfy most of your old-school stompboxes. But to accommodate your power-hungry digital pedals, MXR included a switchable 9/18-volt, 800mA output. The Mini Iso-Brick can also handle both negative and positive grounds. The guitarists here at Guitar World appreciate the Mini Iso-Brick’s flexible operation — it can tackle anything!

Expansion is a piece of cake

You aren’t restricted by the MXR Mini Iso-Brick’s five outputs — it can handle more if you need it to. If you want to add an extra pedal, then use the included splitter cable to connect two stompboxes to a single output. Provided both pedals use the same voltage and you don’t exceed the output’s current rating, it’ll work like a charm. Best of all, you can do this with all of the outputs simultaneously.

MXR Mini Iso-Brick Features:

  • Compact, lightweight pedalboard power supply
  • 5 outputs (4 x 9-volt and 1 switchable 9/18-volt) accommodate a wide range of pedals
  • Fully isolated design eliminates annoying ground loop noise
  • Add an extra pedal to each output with a splitter cable (1 cable included)
  • LED status indicators make troubleshooting a breeze
  • Rugged, road-ready construction