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John Mayer's Matte Black Silver Sky: A Revolution in Guitar Design

18th Jan 2024

John Mayer's Matte Black Silver Sky: A Revolution in Guitar Design

Introduction: In a thrilling development for guitar enthusiasts and John Mayer fans alike, the much-anticipated matte black Silver Sky, a staple of Mayer's onstage arsenal for years, is now released worldwide. This model is more than just a guitar; it's a piece of musical innovation.

Named the Faded Black Tee Satin, this ultra-luxe signature model is a marvel in modern guitar craftsmanship. Accompanied by the equally stunning Venetian Blue finish, these models are a testament to the blend of tradition and modernity in guitar design. Available in both rosewood and maple configurations, they cater to a wide range of musical tastes and playing styles.


PRS Guitars, in its ongoing mission to innovate and inspire, has expanded the Silver Sky color palette with this highly anticipated addition to the John Mayer signature guitar series. The Faded Black Tee Satin is not merely a new color but a symbol of Mayer's artistic identity, having been a key part of his stage presence over the years.

This particular finish, rich in history and character, has been a highlight of Mayer's performances, tracing its roots back to the early days of his Sob Rock tour. Its introduction to the market is a nod to Mayer's enduring impact on the guitar world and his unique approach to guitar aesthetics.

Reflecting Mayer's classic Black1 Fender Stratocaster, the Faded Black Tee Satin presents a bold reinterpretation of a classic design. Its matte black finish is a blend of sophistication and modern style, pushing the boundaries of traditional guitar aesthetics. This design choice not only aligns with Mayer’s preference for minimalist, Apple-esque color schemes but also positions this guitar as a statement piece in the world of music.

While the matte black finish of the Silver Sky might not be as immediately striking as some of its predecessors – such as the Nebula edition from 2020 – its sleek, satin treatment offers an elegance that sets it apart. Anticipated to be a major success among guitar enthusiasts, this model is poised to redefine what it means to be at the forefront of guitar design.

Complementing the matte black is the new Venetian Blue colorway, which represents a contrasting yet equally compelling aspect of Mayer's vision for the Silver Sky. Drawing inspiration from an unusual late-1980s Porsche paint code, this vibrant hue adds a touch of energy and flair to the collection, showcasing the versatility of the Silver Sky series.

Both the Faded Black Tee Satin and Venetian Blue models are meticulously crafted, featuring classic alder bodies, maple necks, and a 7.25” fretboard radius. Equipped with 635JM single-coils in a traditional Strat-style configuration, these guitars offer a refined playing experience that is both familiar and distinctively new.

In a recent social media post, Mayer shared his enthusiasm for these new additions, stating, "2024 begins with two exciting new colorways for the PRS Silver Sky: the Faded Black Tee, a satin-finish model that's been a stage favorite for years, and the new Venetian Blue, inspired by a rare Porsche color. Both available now in rosewood and maple neck configurations at PRS dealers."

These latest offerings in the Silver Sky line are more than just musical instruments; they represent a fusion of Mayer's musical journey and his influence on guitar design. They offer guitarists an opportunity to own a piece of history, an instrument that embodies Mayer's artistic spirit and relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

The Faded Black Tee Satin and Venetian Blue: A Closer Look

The Faded Black Tee Satin is not just a guitar; it's a statement of artistry. Its matte black finish is a testament to the meticulous design philosophy of PRS Guitars, offering a unique aesthetic that is both understated and visually striking. This guitar is a result of Mayer's deep involvement in the design process, ensuring that every aspect, from the color to the feel, resonates with his vision of a perfect instrument.

The Venetian Blue, on the other hand, is a bold exploration of color and style. It stands as a vivid representation of Mayer's willingness to push the boundaries of traditional guitar design. Its inspiration from a rare Porsche paint code speaks to the guitar's exclusivity and Mayer's penchant for blending the worlds of music and luxury automotive design.Both these models not only offer stunning visuals but also boast the renowned build quality and playability that PRS Guitars is known for. Their alder bodies provide a balanced tone, while the maple necks and 7.25” fretboard radius ensure a comfortable, responsive playing experience. The 635JM single-coils deliver a sound that is both vintage and modern, perfect for a wide range of musical styles.


The introduction of these two new colorways is a reflection of PRS Guitars' commitment to innovation and Mayer's influence in the guitar community. They embody a perfect blend of artistic design and musical function, making them not just tools for music creation but also collectible pieces of art.

As we kick off 2024, these new additions to the PRS Silver Sky lineup are set to become iconic in their own right. Whether you're a long-time fan of John Mayer, a guitar enthusiast, or a collector of unique instruments, the Faded Black Tee Satin and Venetian Blue offer something special and unique.

To explore these extraordinary guitars in more detail, visit the PRS Guitars website or your nearest PRS dealer. Experience firsthand the blend of design excellence and musical innovation that these models represent.

In conclusion, the release of the Faded Black Tee Satin and Venetian Blue models marks a significant moment in the world of guitars. They are a testament to John Mayer's ongoing legacy in music and design, and to PRS Guitars' relentless pursuit of crafting exceptional instruments. These guitars are not just tools for creating music; they are symbols of innovation, artistry, and the enduring spirit of musical exploration.

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