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Orange Fur Coat Fuzz Pedal


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Loosely based on the vintage Foxx Tone Machine, the Orange Fur Coat Fuzz takes its inspiration from the great fuzz pedals of the 70’s. The Fur Coat gives you a fully controllable octave fuzz pedal. Separate switches mean you can choose between Fuzz or Octave Fuzz. The controllable Octave up fuzz means you can bring in the fuzz to whatever level you need and the EQ allows you to boost your Treble or Bass. This truly is a fuzz you control. This is our only True Bypass pedal. This is because a Fuzz is better at the beginning of the chain where it interacts directly with your guitar. Placing the pedal further into your signal chain will give the fuzz a more distorted tone. • CONTROLS (LEFT TO RIGHT): VOLUME, EQ, OCTAVE, FUZZ • CURRENT DRAW: 9V: 3MA, 12V: 5MA • STOMP FUNCTIONS: ACTIVATE OCTAVE, ACTIVATE FUZZ • UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W X L X H): 9.5 × 6.5 × 13CM (3.7 X 2.6 X 5.1″) • UNBOXED WEIGHT: 524G (1.15 LBS) • Boxed Dimensions (W x L x H): 11.4CM x 14.8CM x 8CM • Boxed Weight: 722g (1.59lb)