Orange OBC410 4x10 Bass Cab

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This superb bass enclosure is made from 13 ply high density 18mm birch plywood, with tough skids on the base of the cabinet for enhanced stage protection. The skids also act to couple the enclosure to the floor, thereby increasing bass response. Internally, the enclosure is acoustically compartmented for strength and anti-vibration. OBC410 cabs features a high-powered Eminence APT80 horn with switchable hi/lo/off located on the rear of the cab. Expect a highly focused sound with tons of great low-end and mids shining through. • FEATURES: 18MM HIGH DENSITY BIRCH PLY, 2 X PARALLEL ¼” AND SPEAKON INPUT JACKS, SKID DESIGN FEET • CONTROLS: HORN ATTENUATOR • OUTPUT POWER (HEADS AND COMBOS): NA • POWER HANDLING (CABINETS): 600 WATTS • VALVES (HEADS AND COMBOS): NA • SPEAKER OUTPUT OPTIONS (HEADS): NA • SPEAKERS (COMBOS AND CABINETS): 4 X EMINENCE BETA 10A and 1 X HIGH QUALITY HF HORN • IMPEDANCE (CABINETS): 8 OHM • EXTENSION CABINET OPTIONS (COMBOS): NA • UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 62 X 64 X 46 CM (24.41 X 25.2 X 18.11″)