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PRATLEY Custom Shop Brazilian Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Pratley Custom Build Dreadnought Cutaway - Featuring the King of Tonewoods: Brazilian Rosewood

Experience unparalleled excellence with the Pratley Custom Build Dreadnought Cutaway, a masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship designed for the elite musician. This exquisite guitar features Brazilian Rosewood, the most coveted and prestigious tonewood in the world, known for its rich, complex sound and exceptional rarity.

The Legendary Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood, or Dalbergia nigra, is universally revered as the king of guitar woods. Its remarkable density and oil content not only yield a visually stunning aesthetic but also contribute to its superior tonal qualities. The wood's ability to reflect sound produces deep, resonant basses and brilliantly clear trebles, making it the ultimate choice for a guitar's back and sides. Due to its rarity and the restrictions on its trade, guitars featuring true Brazilian Rosewood are incredibly rare, offering not only supreme musical quality but also significant investment potential.

Exclusivity and Craftsmanship

Each Pratley guitar crafted with Brazilian Rosewood represents a slice of musical history. Due to stringent international trade laws and the critical conservation status of the Brazilian Rosewood, only a limited number of these guitars are produced each year, making them a rare collector's item. The wood used in this Pratley Custom Build has been sourced responsibly and legally, ensuring compliance with CITES regulations while offering the unmatched resonance that only historical wood can provide.

Key Features:

  • Soundboard: Select AAA Sitka Spruce for clarity and vibrant sound projection.
  • Neck: Crafted from select Tasmanian Blackwood, offering durability and a resonant tone to complement the Brazilian Rosewood.
  • Fretboard: Premium Wenge, providing a sleek, responsive playing surface adorned with Mother of Pearl inlays.
  • Hardware: Equipped with top-tier Gotoh 510 Gold machine heads and Graphtech enhancements for optimal tuning stability and tonal clarity.
  • Finish: Protected with a Full Grain Filled Premium Semi-Gloss Nitro Lacquer that accentuates the natural beauty of the Brazilian Rosewood.
Pratley Custom Build Dreadnought Cutaway Brazilian Rosewood - Front View Pratley Custom Build Dreadnought Cutaway Brazilian Rosewood - Side View Pratley Custom Build Dreadnought Cutaway Brazilian Rosewood - Detail View Pratley Custom Build Dreadnought Cutaway Brazilian Rosewood - Back View


Body Shape Dreadnought cutaway with electronics 
Soundboard Select AAA Sitka Spruce
Back Brazilian Rosewood
Sides Brazilian Rosewood
Neck Select Tas Blackwood
Head Cap Brazilian Rosewood Veneer on 2mm Blackwood with fig pinstripe veneer
Head Backing Brazilian Rosewood Veneer
Head Logo White MOP inlay
Truss Rod Cover Brazilian Rosewood
Rosette Blackwood with MOP inner ring
Fretboard Wenge with 2mm wenge binding
Fret Wire Jescar
Inlays 1/8” (3.2mm) White Mother of Pearl Dots
Fretboard Side Dots 2mm White Mother of Pearl Dots
Nut Graphtech (bone colour)
Bridge Wenge
Saddle Graphtech (bone colour)
Bridge Pins Graphtech (bone colour)
Body End Grafts Blackwood with fig pin stripes
Binding Blackwood with fig pin stripes
Soundboard Purfling B/W
Machine Heads Gotoh 510 Gold (supplied)
Strap Button Gold
Finish Full Grain Filled Premium Semi-Gloss Nitro Lacquer
Pickup System None
Strings Elixir 12-53 Nanoweb
Case Pratley Premium Custom Build Case

Why Choose This Pratley Guitar?

This Pratley Custom Build is not just an instrument; it is a piece of art and a testament to the legacy of one of the most prestigious woods used in musical instrument construction. Designed for musicians who demand the best, this guitar offers a sound that is as rich and deep as its history.

Invest in a Masterpiece

Owning a Pratley guitar with Brazilian Rosewood is a privilege enjoyed by few. This guitar is not only an instrument but an investment in musical heritage. It is an essential piece for collectors and serious players who seek the ultimate expression of sound and craftsmanship.