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PRS Custom 24, Pattern Thin, Fire Red Burst #3379 SOLD



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Playing This Custom 24 Is Addictive!

This PRS Custom 24 is a beautifully playable solidbody electric guitar that sounds as amazing as it looks. Feast your eyes on an exquisite figured maple top, paired with a comfortable lightweight mahogany body, all dressed to kill in PRS's superb high-gloss nitro finish. You'll delight at the touch of the 24-fret mahogany neck with its satisfying Pattern Thin profile and rosewood fingerboard with signature bird inlays. And the sound of this elegant beast? Premium TCI-tuned 85/15 humbuckers and 5-way switching deploy a stunning arsenal of tone. This PRS Custom 24 also features a rock-solid hardware, with Phase III locking tuners and a Gen III tremolo.

A natural-feeling guitar that's incredibly fun to play

This PRS Custom 24 is one of those electric guitars that you just can't put down. PRS enjoys a well-deserved reputation for marrying sonic mojo with mouthwatering visuals and outstanding playability, and they've done their usual outstanding job with this Custom 24. Go ahead, pick it up and start playing. Just make sure you don't have anything to do for the next few days.

Ear-tuned 85/15 pickups

To create the 85/15 pickups, PRS took their Standard Treble and Bass pickup designs from 1985 and update them with everything they've learned since then. The original '85 pickups were voted one of the 33 biggest pickup design innovations by Guitar Player magazine. The updated 85/15 pickups balance vintage character with modern clarity. PRS retooled these pickups to bring the sweet harmonics and chunky warmth of this classic design to your Custom 24. Each set of pickups has been ear-tuned to perfection by Paul and his team, a process known as Tuned Capacitance and Inductance (TCI). The end result is a very musical pickup that’s true to its lineage, but updated for the modern player.

Pattern Thin neck profile for fluid playability

If you're like the guitarists here at Guitar World, you'll love the fluid playability of the Custom 24's neck — it truly feels like home. Evolved from designs Paul Reed Smith has been working on for decades and perfected after years of prototyping, the Pattern Thin neck carve is an updated version of the traditional Wide Thin neck style. The Pattern Thin neck shape is fast and comfortable — ideal for players with smaller hands or guitarists who use classical left-hand positioning, pivoting with their thumb on the back of the neck. This eminently comfortable neck is topped with a 10-inch-radius, 24-fret rosewood fingerboard that's guaranteed to facilitate lightning-fast fretwork.

PRS Custom 24 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • A gorgeous instrument that feels great and fits any style
  • Mahogany body with exquisite maple top for extra clarity and killer looks
  • Mahogany Pattern Thin neck feels great and provides hours of playing comfort
  • Fast-playing rosewood fingerboard with PRS signature bird inlays
  • TCI-tuned 85/15 treble and bass humbucking pickups deliver an impressively wide range of tone
  • High-gloss nitro finish is resonant and looks great
  • PRS Gen III tremolo delivers reliable pitch bending and stays in tune
  • Hybrid hardware; PRS Phase III locking tuners