Radial IceCube IC-1 Line Isolator


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Ground Buzz Is a Thing of the Past

The Radial IceCube is a balanced line-level isolator that quickly and easily eliminates buzzing from your audio system. Simply by plugging it in between two line-level devices, you'll be rewarded with a hum- and buzz-free audio experience. Audio engineers at Sweetwater admire how easy the IceCube makes it to insert an isolation transformer into their signal paths. This isolator comes loaded with a custom USA-made Eclipse transformer that provides a robust low end. Designed to work easily within the -30dB to +15dB range, the IceCube will have no problem handling balanced and unbalanced devices without any distortion. This makes the IceCube an excellent option to use when you can't sacrifice your audio quality. For all your ground buzz issues, Radial's IceCube IC-1 is the solution.

Radial IceCube IC-1 Balanced Line Isolator Features:

  • XLR input and output
  • Ground Lift disconnects PIN-1 on the XLR output to eliminate noise from ground loops
  • Handles pro output levels without distortion
  • No power supply needed