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Revv Amplification Generator 120 MkIII Guitar Amp Head

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Unleash the Power of Revv’s Premier Amp - The Generator 120 MKIII at Guitar World Australia

The Revv Generator 120 MKIII is a high-performance tube amplifier designed for metal enthusiasts and versatile musicians. From razor-sharp high gain tones, sludge-laden hammerings, to unblemished cleans, this 120-watt, 4-channel tube head covers a wide tonal spectrum. It’s packed with features for custom sound shaping, including potent 3-band EQs per channel, handy power scaling, and a serial effects loop for your gear. This model also comes with a noise gate and premium digital reverb, along with Bluetooth and MIDI control features fit for the stage. With an added bonus of stereo-out reactive load and cabinet simulator, thanks to the Two Notes Torpedo-embedded technology, the Generator 120 MKIII is Revv's pride and the ultimate high-gain beast for any metal genre.

User-friendly and Feature-rich

The Generator 120 MKIII sports four refined channels of Revv's signature tone. It incorporates the praised Purple channel for its crisp and precise sound, and the Red channel celebrated for its fat, saturated tones. Both channels deliver explosive levels of gain. The amp offers uncompromised tonal quality when switching between clean, crunch, and high-gain tones, thanks to per-channel 3-band EQs. Global switches for Wide, Drive, and Aggression enable an array of saturated textures, while Bright switches inject additional bite and presence. This amp also offers power scaling for intense tones at home-friendly levels and a serial effects loop for your gear. A configurable and bypassable digital reverb and noise gate ensure a polished, studio-quality result. The Generator 120 MKIII is compatible with various cabinets due to a switchable 4-/8-/16-ohm speaker jack. The unit features an easily accessible bias test and fuse for safety and convenience.

Superior Two Notes Torpedo Technology Embedded

With the Revv Generator 120 MKIII and a PA, you’re equipped to achieve an enormous miked-cab tone, thanks to embedded Two Notes Torpedo technology and the amp head’s stereo XLR outputs. Choose between six customizable virtual cabinets from the amp’s front panel or up to 128 via MIDI. The Generator 120 MKIII’s 6L6-loaded power amp can be bypassed to change the amp’s character with a simulated power section. You also gain access to the Two Notes Twin Tracker stereo doubler, an equalizer, an enhancer, and more — all editable via Bluetooth. The Generator 120 MKIII doubles as a standalone solution: an engaged reactive load when a speaker isn’t present safeguards your amp.

Delivering Remarkable Tube Tones

Beyond its modern feature set, the Generator 120 MKIII stands out as a killer amp. Its clean tones are warm and inspiring, forming a perfect base for gain pedals. Its high-gain tones are strikingly intense — tight, full, and expressive. The straightforward front-panel controls offer a broad tonal landscape to explore.

Key Features of Revv Generator 120 MKIII Head

  • 120W/10W tube guitar amp head with 4 signature Revv tones
  • Dual Master volume knobs for easy lead boost configuration
  • Global Presence and Depth knobs for easy venue optimization
  • Power scaling for muscular tones at lower volumes
  • Series effects loop for easy integration of pedals and external effects
  • Bluetooth and MIDI control capabilities for stage performances
  • Stereo XLR outputs thanks to built-in Two Notes technology
  • 6 customizable virtual cabinets, expandable up to 128 via MIDI
  • Two Notes Twin Tracker stereo doubler, an equalizer, an enhancer, and more, all Bluetooth-editable
  • Switchable 4-/8-/16-ohm speaker jack for compatibility with various cabinets
  • Easy access bias test and fuse
  • Footswitch included for easy channel switching and control