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Rode HS2-PL Large Pink Headset Microphone


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Rode HS2-PL Large Pink Headset Microphone

The RODE HS2-PL Large Pink Headset Microphone is a low-profile ergonomic headset. Its Ultra-lightweight design makes it very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time; however, it does not compromise on the Rode quality.

The HS2-PL will provide clean, clear, and pronounced audio for any application where the microphone requires close proximity to the presenter’s mouth. Therefore making it a fantastic asset to any seminars or even a live presentation situation.

Attention to detail

After an extensive and complete redesign process, Rode has included a few new additions. One is an adjustable corrosion-resistant stainless-steel boom arm for re-positioning the microphone as required. Another design feature focuses on the headband itself. This connection improvement involves the pliable hypoallergenic silicon ear strip. Rode has specifically re-designed the HS2-PL with flexibility and your comfort in mind.

You have two choices of colour options for the HS2-PL microphone. Both colour schemes are coated in a durable ceramic painted finish and are available in either Black (HS2-B) or Pink(HS2-P). To further accommodate any individual, the HS2 also comes in two sizes; Small & Large.

Rode has focused its attention on durability as well as high-quality audio. On your HS2-PL headset, you will find a 1.2m cable that is braid-shielded along with a Kevlar-reinforced cable. It also terminates with a gold-plated 3.5mm TRS output. There is also a removable locking nut that secures the connection to a wide range of recording devices and wireless transmitters. This does include the Rode Filmmaker and Newsshooter kits.

With the inclusion of the low self-noise and Omni-directional polar pattern; makes the HS2-PL an ideal microphone for film, television, video, theatre, house of worship, and live vocal performance.

Please note that this HS2-PL is a Pink microphone in Large.