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Roland TD-07DMK Compact V-Drum Kit

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Roland TD-07DMK Compact V-Drum Kit

Experience the thrill of drumming with the Roland TD-07DMK Compact V-Drum Kit, the ideal choice for drummers seeking high-quality sound and performance at an affordable price. Designed for the aspiring and seasoned musician alike, this kit is the most compact and budget-friendly option within the renowned TD-07 series, yet it does not compromise on the expression and features inherited from Roland’s more advanced V-Drums.

At the heart of this electronic drum set is the powerful TD-07 sound module, equipped with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, and a vast selection of 143 instruments. Whether you're exploring acoustic drum sounds, electronic beats, or a mix of both, the TD-07DMK delivers studio-grade quality. The V-Edit, EQ, ambience, and 30 multi-effects provide deep editing capabilities, allowing you to craft your perfect drum sound with precision and ease.

The Roland TD-07DMK is renowned for its realistic playing feel, thanks to the mesh-head pads. The snare features a PDX-8 10-inch pad with independent head and rim triggering zones, while the toms include three PDX-6A 6-inch pads, all boasting Roland’s double-ply mesh for an authentic bounce and tension that's adjustable to your preference.

Cymbal play is dynamic and expressive, with a CY-5 10-inch crash and ride cymbals featuring choke support, and a hi-hat with seamless incremental control. The sturdy four-post drum rack and robust hardware ensure stability and reliability, no matter how intense your sessions get.

Adding to its convenience, the kit includes integrated Bluetooth, allowing you to stream audio wirelessly from your devices and use MIDI over Bluetooth for a cable-free studio experience. USB ports provide further connectivity options, ideal for integrating with computer music software and recording sessions. The compact footprint and quiet operation of the TD-07DMK make it an excellent choice for home use, enabling you to practice at any hour without disturbing others.

Roland’s TD-07DMK also comes with interactive training tools that enhance your drumming skills. The onboard coach function, advanced metronome, and 40 free Melodics drum lessons offer structured learning and fun practice sessions. With its rugged construction, versatile features, and user-friendly interface, the TD-07DMK sets the standard for entry-level electronic drum kits, inviting you to master the art of drumming in a modern digital format.


Product Name Roland TD-07DMK Compact V-Drum Kit
Kit Components 1x PDX-8 10-inch snare pad, 3x PDX-6A 6-inch tom pads, 1x KD-2 kick pad, 1x CY-5 10-inch crash cymbal, 1x CY-5 10-inch ride cymbal, 1x CY-5 10-inch hi-hat cymbal with pedal
Sound Module TD-07 with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, 143 instruments, V-Edit, EQ, ambience, and 30 multi-effects
Mesh Heads Double-ply, tension-adjustable for a realistic drumming experience
Hardware Four-post drum rack stand, metal construction, sturdy clamps
Connectivity Bluetooth for audio and MIDI, USB for audio/MIDI data transfer
Additional Features Built-in metronome, coach function, compatibility with Melodics for 40 free lessons
Dimensions Compact size suitable for small spaces and home use
Recommended For Beginners and seasoned players looking for an affordable, compact electronic drum set with professional features