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TASCAM DP-008EX 8-track Digital Portastudio


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Your Easy 8-track Music Studio!

8-track productions made easy! The DP-008EX from TASCAM gives you all the features you need to record straight to SD - with an intuitive design, so you'll be up and running fast. Record up to two tracks at once - the DP-008EX has built-in stereo mics, and it also has inputs for microphones, guitar, and synthesizers. What's more, there are dedicated channel controls for level, pan, and effects. Once you're finished recording, you can export tracks to your computer via the TASCAM DP-008EX's handy onboard USB connection. 

Makes it easy to record ideas, straight to SD

Recording your ideas and building them into full productions has never been so easy! The DP-008EX from TASCAM builds on TASCAM's years of recording expertise, putting cassette-style recording into a modern digital format. There are no complicated menus to control simple tasks - with dedicated knobs for per-track level, pan, and effects, plus handy record, pause, and play buttons, you'll be developing your ideas in no time.

Built-in microphone plus connections for your own gear

For capturing ideas with no fuss, the DP-008EX has built-in stereo microphones. But, the two XLR microphone inputs (with phantom power) allow you to plug in your own recording microphones for high-quality capture. There are also two 1/4" inputs, one of which is switchable to accommodate your electric guitar or bass. All in all, you can record up to two tracks at once, mixing everything down to a stereo track.

Handy onboard features: tuner, metronome, reverb, and more

The DP-008EX gives you handy "extras" to help your recording projects along. You can use the tuner to get your guitar where it needs to be. There's also a metronome built in, so you can get everything in time. If you're recording yourself, you'll dig the 1/4" footswitch input - with it, you can punch in to fix a track, without having to get your hands on the DP-008EX. Other cool features include a stereo reverb effect (on a send/return path), and an included 2GB SD card.

USB connection for simple file transfer

Once you've recorded your tracks, you can send them to your computer via the DP-008EX's useful USB connection. You can either send your mixed down stereo version, or you can send the individual tracks for producing them in your DAW of choice later.

DP-008EX 8-track Portastudio SD Recorder Features:

  • Portable 8-track SD recorder with handy USB connection
  • Lets you record two tracks at once
  • Two microphone preamplifiers and built-in stereo microphones
  • Helpful "extras," including a tuner and a metronome
  • Comes with 2GB SD card, 4 x AA batteries, USB cable, warranty card, and owner's manual