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TAYLOR 114CE-S Acoustic-electric Guitar - Natural Sapele

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Boost Your Performance with the Limited-Edition Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Unleash your inner musician with the Taylor 114ce acoustic-electric guitar, a remarkable instrument ideal for both novices and seasoned professionals. This special edition features a blend of classic tonewood materials and a player-friendly maple neck, ensuring smooth and quick transitions on the fretboard. Its robust construction of solid Sitka spruce paired with sapele back and sides offers a perfect equilibrium of warmth, clarity, and stability across the entire sound spectrum. Coupled with the onboard ES2 electronics, this guitar delivers an authentic acoustic tone even when amplified. This limited-availability Taylor 114ce is yours to own; secure it now before stock runs out!

Sophisticated Grand Auditorium Design The Taylor 114ce showcases the popular Grand Auditorium body style, a fusion of the dreadnought's width and depth with a slim waist for a sleeker profile. This design enhances high-end response and sharpens note definition, making it an excellent instrument for live performances. From fingerpicking to strumming, the 114ce Grand Auditorium caters to a wide range of playing styles.

Innovative Tonewood Combination The 114ce deviates from standard beginner Taylors, opting for unique tonewoods that create a distinct voice. The robust sapele back and sides offer tonal control and contribute to the instrument's rich, clear sound. This build also ensures the guitar's stability under varied environmental conditions and rough usage. The combination of maple and ebony on the neck results in a vibrant midrange and superior top-end detail. The solid Sitka spruce top is a favored choice for a balanced, potent tone.

Advanced Taylor Expression System 2 The Taylor Expression System 2 boasts a proprietary pickup placed behind the saddle, with three individually adjusted piezo-electric sensors responding to the guitar's natural acoustic energy. Paired with Taylor's custom-designed preamp, this system produces a rich acoustic sound with an impressive dynamic range.

Key Features of the Limited-Edition Taylor 114ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar:

  • Limited-edition 114ce featuring sapele details
  • Grand Auditorium body style for superior high-end response
  • Blend of Sitka spruce and sapele tonewoods for balanced warmth and brightness
  • Luxurious matte finish for a smooth feel and captivating visual appeal
  • Stable Taylor chrome tuners for maintaining intonation
  • Updated bracing for enhanced vibration and tone
  • Player-friendly maple neck for improved playability
  • ES2 electronics for superior amplified sound quality



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