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Taylor 50th anniversary 814ce Builder's Edition Grand Auditorium Acoustic-electric

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Taylor 50th Anniversary 814ce Builder's Edition Grand Auditorium - A Triumph in Guitar Craftsmanship

Celebrate Taylor's legacy of innovation with the Taylor 50th Anniversary 814ce Builder's Edition Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar, proudly presented by Guitar World Australia. This extraordinary guitar, marking a half-century of Taylor's excellence, is an amalgamation of refined aesthetics, advanced playability, and tonal perfection.

The 814ce Builder’s Edition, a jewel in the crown of Taylor's 800 Series, is designed for both the studio artist and the stage performer. Its Grand Auditorium body, with a Sinker Redwood top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, offers a balanced, clear tone. The beveled Venetian cutaway and radiused armrest enhance the ergonomic feel, ensuring comfort during extended play. The revolutionary V-Class bracing system and Taylor ES2 Electronics work in harmony to amplify the guitar’s natural, organic sound. This instrument is not only a delight to play but a feast for the senses with its understated elegance and rich tonal qualities.

At the heart of this guitar lies Taylor’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The use of Crelicam ebony for the fingerboard, bridge, and headstock overlay not only provides a touch of luxury but also reflects Taylor's responsible approach to wood sourcing. This sustainable practice contributes to forest conservation, making the 814ce Builder's Edition a choice for the eco-conscious musician.

The Builder’s Edition collection is the brainchild of master guitar designer Andy Powers. These guitars are a testament to Taylor’s groundbreaking innovations, showcasing the V-Class bracing system that brings a new dimension to acoustic guitar sound. Each Builder's Edition model is a representation of Taylor’s imaginative approach to guitar building, offering an unparalleled playing experience.

Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing is a design that changes the way we think about sound in acoustic guitars. Balancing the flexibility and stiffness of the guitar top, it creates a harmony between volume and sustain. This innovative bracing allows the guitar to produce notes that are not only louder and sustain longer but also more in tune with each other. The result is a guitar that sounds remarkably balanced across the tonal spectrum, enhancing the natural intonation and resonance.

The 814ce Builder’s Edition features the beloved Grand Auditorium body style, delivering robust volume and clarity. This body style, with its narrower waist, lends to a brighter treble response and a more comfortable playing experience. The Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2) electronics, with its behind-the-saddle pickup, offers crystal clear, accurate sound amplification. The ES2 system is designed for natural sound reproduction, giving you control over your tone with onboard controls for volume and tone, and feedback suppression.

This guitar is a celebration of Taylor’s 50 years of guitar-making expertise. From its environmentally responsible solid premium tonewoods to the cutting-edge Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, the 50th-anniversary 814ce Builder's Edition Grand Auditorium is more than just an instrument - it’s a piece of art. It’s the perfect choice for guitarists in Australia, especially those in the Gold Coast QLD, seeking an exceptional musical companion.

Features at a Glance:

  • Premium solid tonewoods with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship.
  • Beveled Venetian cutaway and ergonomically radiused armrest for enhanced comfort.
  • Revolutionary V-Class bracing for optimal sound quality.
  • Taylor ES2 electronics for superior sound amplification.
  • Includes a hardshell case for protection and portability.

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