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TC-Helicon GO GUITAR PRO Portable Guitar Interface for Mobile Devices


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Powerful Tracking and Monitoring on the GO

TC Helicon brings an award-winning Midas preamp and class-leading 24-bit conversion to an impossibly slim design. Introducing the TC Helicon GO Guitar Pro mobile audio interface — the perfect tool for recording guitar tracks, keyboard jams, and soundboard audio from the convenience of your laptop, phone, or tablet. Wear it as a belt clip and capture live tracks from your guitar or bass, or make it the centerpiece of your home studio. Endless iOS/Android apps and wide third-party app compatibility color and tint your instrument signals to your heart's content. And since it's powered directly from your mobile device or laptop and gives you a high-definition headphone output for impeccable monitoring, the TC Helicon GO Guitar Pro truly is the only device standing between you and memorable performances.

Perfect for musicmakers on the move

The TC-Helicon GO Guitar is a great way to record your guitar or bass when you’re on the move. This portable interface plugs into your smart device or laptop and integrates seamlessly with TC-Helicon mobile apps, as well as a whole slew of iOS and Android, Mac and PC software. At Guitar World, we’ve found that the GO Guitar also works well with synths, keyboards, and other line-level sources.

TC Helicon GO Guitar Pro Mobile Audio Interface Features:

  • The perfect tool for capturing audio on the go
  • 1/4" TS input records in lifelike 24-bit/48kHz quality
  • Class-leading conversion
  • Powerful Midas onboard preamplifier
  • Accepts signals from guitar, bass, keyboard instruments, and line-level sources
  • Thru output is perfect for capturing clean signals for re-amping
  • Integrated belt clip provides wearable convenience
  • Powered by your mobile device or laptop
  • Integrates with wide range of TC Helicon and third-party mobile
  • Onboard high-definition headphone amp