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Valencia VC104 Full Size Classical Guitar Blue


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Valencia Series 100: Perfect Starter Guitar for All Ages

Discover the Valencia Series 100, an exceptional nylon string classical guitar that's ideal for beginners of all ages, from 5-year-old children to adults. Its design and build are tailored to accommodate the ergonomic and learning needs of young musicians, while still providing the quality and playability that adult learners appreciate.

This guitar is especially beneficial for young players, helping them develop correct finger positioning and playing technique from an early age. For adults, its comfortable neck scale and responsive design make it an excellent choice for those venturing into the world of classical guitar.

Size Options to Suit Everyone

With a wide range of instrument sizes in the Series 100, finding the perfect fit is easy, whether you're buying for a young child or for an adult. Ensuring the right size guitar is crucial for comfort, playability, and the development of proper technique.

Superior Construction for Enhanced Learning

  • Top, Back, and Sides: Made from Linden, producing a warm tone that's encouraging for beginners.
  • Neck: Crafted from Nato with a two-way truss rod, designed for ease of play and durability.
  • Fingerboard and Bridge: Ebonized Maple, offering a smooth and comfortable playing surface.

The Valencia Series 100 is not just an instrument, but a companion in your musical journey, providing a resonant and clear sound that inspires continuous learning and improvement.


What size guitar should I buy for a child?

This is a full size 4/4 classical guitar that is suitable for 9 and up.

This guitar is the correct size of 9 year old guitarists, 10 year old guitarists and above.