AER AcoustiCube 3 Acoustic Amp

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AcoustiCube 3 120 Watt Acoustic Amp His Masters Voice turns audiophile. AER have questioned the possibility to top the Reference of acoustic amplification ...well they have pushed the limits a far bit further ahead. To there own surprise and with pleasure and pride AER are happy to present there new dimension of acoustic sound reproduction...truth, warmth, authenticity and sheer endless dynamic range. Buy your AcoustiCube 3 at Guitar World Today The AcoustiCube 3 Acoustic Amp Features * Custom made neodym ä Ý Ò speaker system * Bass reflex speaker chamber * Increased supply voltage for the complete preamp section * Independently stabilized supply voltage for all input stages * Matrix-Inputs * Improved dynamic control * USB interface * Custom routing and setup of 32 bit effect processor via pc * Carrying bag Twin-channel 2-way acoustic system ä Ý Ò reference class