Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed

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The Blues Jr. Lacquered Tweed takes Fenders 15W gem and gives it the true vintage treatment with a lacquered tweed covering and a vintage-voiced 12 Jensen speaker. Its golden tones are generated by an all-tube signal path using a pair of EL84 output tubes and 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes. Add renowned Fender reverb, flexible controls, FAT switch for mid boost, and youre in business. And just look at that chrome panel, that tweed finish with vintage-style brown and gold grille cloth, and those vintage pointer knobs!

Series: Hot Rod | COLOUR/RRP/PART#: Lacquered Tweed $1,399 0213235700 | Amplifier Type: Tube | Speaker: One - 12 Jensen C12-N with Ceramic Magnet | Channels: One | Controls: Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, Fat Switch, Volume | Impedance: 8 ohms | Inputs: One - 1/4 | Control Knobs: Chicken-Head Style Pointer | Effects: Reverb | Front Panel: Chrome | Handle: Vintage-Style Leather with Nickel Mounting Hardware | Cabinet Material: 7-Ply 3/4 Birch/Maple Plywood | FootSwitch: Optional 1-Button Footswitch