Ibanez JIVA10 DSB Electric Guitar - Deep Space Blonde

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A Signature Axe for Nita Strauss

The signature model of high-profile metal guitarist Nita Strauss, the Ibanez JIVA10 is sleek, aggressive, and built for speed. At the JIVA10's core is the combination of nyatoh topped with quilted maple. A maple/purpleheart neck and smooth ebony fingerboard complete this axe's flawless tonewood recipe. You can expect effortless playability, thanks to a 3-piece Nitro Wizard neck and Prestige fret-edge treatment. And you'll pummel your amp into submission with a multitude of aggressive tones, by way of a versatile HSH configuration of DiMarzio pickups. Complete with an Edge-Zero II tremolo and an eye-catching Beaten Path EKG-style fingerboard inlay, the JIVA10 is a serious sonic weapon.

Fast-playing Nitro Wizard neck and ebony fingerboard

The JIVA10's 3-piece maple/purpleheart neck features Ibanez's Nitro Wizard neck profile, which yields effortless access to this guitar's entire range. The feel of this neck is enhanced by Ibanez's Prestige fret-edge treatment, which rounds the fret ends more precisely than hand filing, supplying you with maximum playing comfort and long-term playability. Beyond that, the neck is capped with a luxurious bound ebony fingerboard, providing you with unbelievably smooth fretting.

Trio of DiMarzio pickups covers an expansive sonic range

There's no denying the massive range of tone the JIVA10's trio of DiMarzio pickups provides — a pair of custom Pandemonium humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions and a True Velvet single-coil in between, which offers up clean, punchy highs and mids. "I wanted my humbuckers to be as if an Evolution and a D Activator had a baby," Nita told Guitar World. "And that’s exactly what the Pandemoniums are – thick, tight lows; punchy, open mids; crisp, smooth highs; plus great sustain and harmonics." Guitarists here at Guitar World love this ultra-flexible pickup configuration.

Edge-Zero II tremolo delivers solid performance and stability

The Ibanez JIVA10's Edge-Zero II tremolo gives you the fast response and snap you need to pull off sharp bends and vibrato. The extreme stability of this knife-edge-style trem's stud lock function is also one of the many reasons it's a favorite among many of today's top players. If you're looking for a guitar that can stand up to long, aggressive playing sessions without losing its tuning, you're going to love the JIVA10.

Ibanez JIVA10 Nita Strauss Signature Electric Guitar Features:

  • Signature model of Alice Cooper's guitarist Nita Strauss
  • Resonant nyatoh body topped with gorgeous quilted maple
  • Comfortable maple/purpleheart neck and smooth ebony fingerboard
  • 3-piece Nitro Wizard neck and Prestige fret-edge treatment ensure effortless playability
  • Custom Pandemonium humbuckers (B/N) supply incredible output, scorching harmonics, and loads of punch and definition
  • True Velvet single-coil pickup (M) offers up clean, punchy highs and mids
  • Edge-Zero II tremolo for bending and diving while maintaining perfect intonation
  • Eye-catching Beaten Path EKG-style fingerboard inlay