Roland AE10G - Wind Synthesiser

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Start Playing Immediately with Traditional Sax Fingering and a Responsive Breath Sensor

You’ve worked hard to nail your sax technique` but most digital horns make you master a new fingering system` which can be a major setback. With the Roland Aerophone AE-10` it’s a smooth transition` thanks to a layout that’s similar to your favorite acoustic sax—right down to the left-hand octave key. Plus` the AE-10 has a sensitive mouthpiece-mounted breath sensor that also functions as a bite sensor` allowing expressive techniques like vibrato and pitch. Even beginners will be able to enjoy playing the various onboard sounds straight away.

All the Saxophone Sounds You Need in One Instrument

Nothing beats the sound of your favorite acoustic sax` but sometimes its tone might not be quite right for the job at hand. Whatever scenario you’re playing in` the Roland Aerophone AE-10 has the onboard digital sax sounds you need. Choose from alto` tenor` soprano` and baritone sax types that all respond just like their acoustic counterparts to your playing dynamics and articulation` thanks to Roland’s advanced SuperNATURAL modeling technology. Alongside individual sounds` you can pull off a seamless performance with the Full Range feature` automatically switching between sax types by key range.

A Variety of Realistic Acoustic Instruments and Roland’s Award-Winning Synths

There’s nothing worse than a studio session grinding to a halt because you need an instrument that you haven’t brought along. That won’t happen with the Roland Aerophone AE-10` which gives you a variety of additional acoustic instrument sounds like clarinet` flute` oboe` trumpet` violin` and more` all powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology to faithfully match the behavior of the originals. Even ethnic instruments like shakuhachi and erhu are on hand` offering authentic pitch and tonal fluctuations that echo their acoustic counterparts. Once you’ve tried the individual sounds` you can create one-man ensembles by layering multiple wind instrument sounds with the Brass Section setting. The AE-10 is also packed with a selection of the latest synth sounds that are specially tailored for wind instrument performance with fully optimized breath control.

Play Anytime and Anywhere with Onboard Speakers` Battery Power` and Headphones

Wherever and whenever you play` the portable and lightweight Roland Aerophone AE-10 is ready. Six AA batteries provide mobile power` and onboard monitor speakers deliver comfortable sound for intimate performing situations. You also have the ability to directly connect to a PA or amp for broader coverage` eliminating the need to use a mic. When you need to cover large instruments like tuba and bassoon` the battery-powered Roland CUBE Street EX is a great companion` giving you big sound in a portable package. Playing sessions are even more fun when you connect to your smartphone via the Aerophone AE-10’s stereo mini jack and jam along with favorite songs. And thanks to the headphones option` you can play around the clock without disturbing family members and neighbors.

Breath Control Brings Unique Expressive Possibilities to Your Music Productions

While the Roland Aerophone AE-10 is a powerful standalone instrument` it also lets you get creative with external gear. You can connect to your computer via USB to play soft synths and external MIDI sound modules through your DAW` with breath control providing a world of unique expression not possible with keyboard synthesizers.