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Gretsch Deltoluxe Parlor, Walnut Fingerboard, Tortoiseshell Pickguard, Black Top

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Where Past and Present Entwine: The Gretsch® Jim Dandy™ Deltoluxe™ Parlor Guitar

In the tapestry of musical heritage, the Gretsch® Jim Dandy™ Deltoluxe™ Parlor Guitar emerges as a beacon of nostalgia, weaving together the storied threads of the Rex series' legacy from the 1930s to the '50s with the meticulous craftsmanship of today. This instrument is not merely a guitar; it's a time capsule, designed for the soulful musician in Australia, with a particular nod to those serenading the breezy evenings along the Gold Coast QLD.

A Symphony in Miniature

Do not be deceived by its petite stature; the Jim Dandy™ Deltoluxe™ resonates with the strength of a giant. Its parlor body, compact yet bold, cradles the whispers of history and the roar of the present in its wooden heart. With a 24“ scale length, it invites the musician to a dance of clarity and warmth, where every note is a footstep in a timeless waltz.

Crafted for Eternity

The soul of the Jim Dandy™ Deltoluxe™ is its X-braced basswood body—a testament to endurance, marrying the lightweight grace of laminate tonewoods with the robust echo of vintage tones. The nato neck, shaped into a welcoming “C,” and the walnut fingerboard, adorned with pearloid dot inlays, extend an invitation to endless musical journeys. Meanwhile, the Gretsch Deltoluxe magnetic soundhole pickup awaits to amplify your stories, be they whispered in the studio or proclaimed on stage.

An Ode to Aesthetics

Every aspect of the Jim Dandy™ Deltoluxe™ is a tribute to the artistry of yesteryears—from the vintage-style pinned bridge and the “G”-graphic pickguard to the painted pinstripe purfling and the oversized dot inlays. The 3-on-a-plate open-gear tuners stand guard like sentinels of sound, ensuring every melody is cradled in stability.

The Versatile Minstrel

Whether your stage is the shadowed porch of a country home or the lively heart of a hidden speakeasy, the Jim Dandy™ Deltoluxe™ Parlor Guitar is your faithful companion. It bridges genres and eras, inviting players of all skill levels to partake in its musical feast. From the bluesy laments of a solitary evening to the jubilant swing of a crowded hall, this guitar promises a companionship as enduring as the music it creates.


Specifications Overview:

Body Lightweight Basswood with X-bracing
Neck 12th fret, 24”-scale Nato Set Neck
Fingerboard 12” Radius Walnut with Pearloid Dot Inlays
Pickup Gretsch® Deltoluxe Soundhole Pickup
Bridge String-through Walnut with Compensated Saddle
Hardware Nickel, including 1950s-style Tuning Machines