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Yamaha P145 Digital Piano

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Discover the Yamaha P-145, the foundational model in the renowned P Series digital pianos, skillfully crafted for the aspiring pianist in you. Yamaha’s P Series is globally admired for merging the luxurious feel of an acoustic piano into a compact, lighter form, and the P-145 embodies this tradition with its streamlined feature set and user-friendly design.

Experience the novel GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) 88-key keyboard in the reimagined P-145, offering a significant evolution from the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keys found in older P Series models. This sleek piano introduces a more condensed and contemporary style, yet never compromises on the weighted, authentic piano sensation it delivers.


The P-145 is recommended for:

  • Piano novices seeking the right instrument to nurture their passion
  • Musicians seeking an instrument that replicates the tactile experience of an acoustic piano
  • Homeowners with limited space who desire the ambiance a piano creates

Delve into an immersive playing experience with the newly designed GHC keyboard that mirrors the authenticity and comfort of its predecessors, addressing key concerns of piano enthusiasts like key weight, response accuracy, consistent key-sound correlation, and a substantial soft-to-loud dynamic range.

Take delight in the profound richness of a full concert grand with the P-145's sound engine, derived from Yamaha’s flagship CFIIIS. Indulge in a vivid, crystalline tone coupled with a spacious treble and robust sonic feel. Furthermore, the P-145 comes equipped with a damper resonance feature, enhancing the sonorous echo produced when the damper pedal is pressed. Enjoy the profound depth of this instrument's sound, reminiscent of a real grand piano, without the need for tuning.

The P-145 tackles the constraints of traditional pianos with its stylish, compact design, making it an attractive addition to any room. The optional soft case lets you transport the P-145 to studios, parties, gigs, or trips with ease.

*Optional headphones and pedal

Simplify access to the P-145's functionalities with Yamaha's dedicated "Smart Pianist" app. Interact with your piano from your smart device without the need to consult the manual. Connect your device to the piano using a cable or wirelessly with the Yamaha UD-BT01 (sold separately; for iOS only).

Embrace minimalism with the P-145, a model that exemplifies the "less is more" philosophy. Designed for piano enthusiasts who prefer functionality over unnecessary features, the P-145 presents a streamlined, modern aesthetic that caters perfectly to their needs.