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Artesia Pro Legacy A-50 Electronic Drum Kit

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Artesia Pro Legacy A-50 Electronic Drum Kit: A Symphony of Sound and Technology

Embark on a drumming journey with the Artesia Pro Legacy A-50 Electronic Drum Kit, a perfect fusion of quality and innovation, offered by Guitar World Australia. This entry-level kit, ideal for drumming enthusiasts in Australia and the Gold Coast QLD, strikes the perfect balance with its full-scale drum sound and advanced mesh head drum pads. Whether you prefer 3 or 2 zones cymbal pads, the A-50 provides an authentic drumming experience with its reliable hardware.

Engineered with sophistication, the A-50 features 5 types of meticulously recorded and processed realistic acoustic drum sounds, courtesy of EFNOTE Japan. This ensures every beat resonates with clarity and depth. Elite sensitivity is at the heart of the A-50, where sound quality, playability, and response are finely tuned for an immersive experience.

Connectivity is a breeze with the A-50's USB/Computer interface. Easily connect to your computer with a USB cable to play along with YouTube videos or record your performances digitally with utmost ease. The kit's simple interface, featuring a compact sound module, is designed for effortless operation and high visibility.

The A-50 is also equipped with a Quick REC function, allowing you to capture your drumming sessions digitally. All pads are fitted with multi-sensors for consistent and stable sensing, ensuring top sensitivity and accuracy in every stroke. The kit's flexible setup, including an independent snare drum stand, allows for personalized configuration.

Key features of the A-50 include the ability to build custom drum kits, a variety of reverb and chorus effects, a white back-lit LCD, and 10 backing patterns for playing along. The Quick REC function, metronome, USB Audio, and USB MIDI support enhance both practice and performance. The two-layer mesh head, low rebound, and durable fabric kick head, along with 2-zone hi-hat and crash cymbals, and a 3-zone ride cymbal, all contribute to a dynamic drumming experience. Assembling the kit is straightforward, thanks to its stable 4-legs rack stand and heavy-duty FRP conjunction parts, all within a compact footprint.

Snare Pad 10" 2-zone
Snare Stand Included No
Tom Pads 10" 2-zone (x3)
Floor Tom Included No
Cymbal Pads 8" (x2)
Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad 8" 2-zone
Hi-Hat Control Pedal No
Kick Pad 5" rubber
Kick Pedal Included Yes
Rack Type 4-post aluminum rack
Display Type LCD
Total Sounds 400
Preset Drum Kits 30+10 user
Backing Tracks 60
Line In No
MIDI Connectivity No
USB Connectivity No
Other Inputs Yes
Shipping Package 1 box