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EFNOTE EST-3 Electronic Drum Kit

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EFNOTE 3 Electronic Drum Kit - Guitar World Australia

EFNOTE 3 Electronic Drum Kit: The Pinnacle of Drumming Innovation

In 2018, a group of seasoned engineers with two decades of experience in electronic drum technology broke away from traditional constraints. Their mission: to craft an electronic drum set without the limitations of cost and mass production. The result is the groundbreaking EFNOTE 3 Electronic Drum Kit.

Plug, Play, and Revolutionize Your Drumming

Designed for versatility, the EFNOTE 3 makes it easier than ever to switch between gigs, teaching sessions, home practice, and recording. Its minimal noise footprint is a blessing for everyone around you—be it family, session partners, students, or neighbors.

What’s Included:

  • KIT A
  • Deluxe Bass Drum Pedal
  • Drum Throne
  • Sticks

(Note: Hardware is not of DW brand, shown for example purposes only)

Key Features:

  • Tru-Aco Stereo Sampled Sounds: Experience true-to-life, ultra-clean stereo samples.
  • Multi-Track MIDI Recording (ASIO): Capture your music effortlessly with flexible I/O routing.
  • Individual Click Output & 4 Channels of Analog Output: Customize your audio setup the way you want.
  • Set List Function: Make your live performances seamless with pre-configured setlists.
  • Stroke Analysis Function: Improve your practice sessions with real-time stroke analysis.
  • Metronome with On-Board Speaker: Keep up with the beat, anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Sound Technology

Powered by Tru-Aco™ sound technology, the EFNOTE 3 delivers super dynamic, uncompressed acoustic drums and cymbals with minimal processing. Feel every beat as you would with an acoustic set.

Responsive and Sensitive

Each pad is equipped with multiple sensors to accommodate every style of drumming. From jazz to rock, your music won’t just be felt—it will be heard.

Designed for the Future

Our Future/Classic hardware design minimizes each element’s footprint while offering maximum stability. You can easily fit into tight spaces while also enjoying the angular setups popularized in the 80s.


  • Cymbals: Weight-simulated, engraved surfaces with full 3-zone Crash/Ride cymbals and 360° choke function.
  • Drum Shells: Monocoque design with multi-sensor hot-spot-less sensing.
  • Sensing Processor: ELISE™ Sensing Processor for super low latency and smooth response.
  • Audio Routing: Flexible output options including 4-ch analog and 8-ch USB.
  • Bluetooth™ Connectivity: Play along with your favorite songs from Spotify™ or YouTube™.

In the Box

  • Sound Module
  • Kick: 8.5x3”
  • Snare: 12x3.5”
  • Tom1: 10x3.5”
  • Tom2: 10x3.5”
  • Tom3: 12x3.5”
  • Crash: 14”
  • Crash2: 14”
  • Ride: 16”
  • Hi-Hat: 12”
  • Cables