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EFNOTE EST-7 Electronic Drum Kit w/A+C+D Package

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EFNOTE EST-7 Electronic Drum Kit w/A+C+D Package

EFNOTE EST-7 Electronic Drum Kit w/A+C+D Package: The Future of Drumming


In 2018, a cadre of visionary engineers left their roles at a leading Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. Their goal was simple yet audacious: to redefine electronic drumming without the constraints of traditional mass production. The result is the EFNOTE EST-7 Electronic Drum Kit, a groundbreaking instrument that embodies the future of drumming.

Key Features and Specifications

  • The Authentic Presence: The kit features a full-scale 20 x 15" kick drum and a 14 x 5.5" snare drum, both finished in an eye-catching white sparkle. Add to that 14” real hi-hats and a 20" ride cymbal, and you're set for a captivating performance.
  • Impeccable Design: EFNOTE’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the depth-caliber ratio of the drums, which has been fine-tuned to deliver both aesthetic beauty and unparalleled sound quality.
  • Expandability: The kit is designed for easy expansion, allowing you to create a custom setup tailored to your unique requirements. Thanks to perfect pad compatibility and excellent design uniformity, your setup options are virtually limitless.
  • Texture and Sound: The Tru-Aco sound technology infuses the EFNOTE 7 with meticulously mastered vintage drum set sounds. This provides a rich, textured auditory experience that has to be heard to be believed.
  • ELISE Sensing Chip: This continually evolving technology captures every nuance of your performance, from the softest touch to the most aggressive stroke.

What’s in the A+C+D Package?

The A+C+D package includes all the hardware you need to get started. You'll receive a standard single bass drum pedal, a comfortable drum throne, and a pair of drumsticks to kickstart your drumming journey. Please note that DW drum pedals shown in pictures are for example purposes only and are not included.

Advanced Technologies and Sensing

  • Advanced Sensing Structure: Years of research and experience have led to a sensor design that perfectly captures your playing dynamics, ensuring that your musical intentions are conveyed without compromise.
  • Multi-Optical-Sensor Hi-Hat: The hi-hat employs Tru-Motion technology with a multi-optical-sensor system for ultra-high precision gap detection and unlimited free movement, a feat unachievable with conventional electronic drums.

Training Features

  • Multi-function metronome with a beat LED indicator for perfect timing practice.
  • Built-in speaker allows you to train without headphones.
  • On-board recording function supports up to 15 songs.
  • Stroke Analyzer and Rhythm Box feature offering over 90 drum beats for diverse practice sessions.

Recording Capabilities

  • USB 8-channel individual audio outputs compatible with both Mac and Windows (ASIO).
  • USB 2-channel audio inputs for playback.
  • Analog 4-channel audio outputs.
  • USB MIDI in/out with individual MIDI channels for extensive recording options.

For Small Gigs and Performances

  • Setlist feature enables you to pre-configure your kit order and tempo for each song, ensuring smooth transitions during performances.
  • Individual kick and snare output options via analog 4-channel outputs.
  • High-power headphone output for personal monitoring.
  • "Stroke Scope" and "Accuracy Score" features for performance analysis.
Flexible Audio Routing and Connectivity
  • 10-channel output buses and flexible output routing for each pad, allowing for intricate audio setups.
  • Bluetooth audio-in for effortless play-along sessions with your favorite tracks on Spotify or YouTube.

Ready to embrace the future of drumming? Order your EFNOTE EST-7 Electronic Drum Kit w/A+C+D Package today and experience the revolution first-hand!